Anybody is free to leave comments on my posts. Directly below the title of the post, you will see the date, followed by a “Comments” link. Clicking on the comments link will take you to the comments that have been posted (if any), and at the very bottom will be a place where you can enter and submit your own comment. Comments will be monitered and unacceptable comments will be removed.

Here are the guidelines.

Unacceptable comments include but are not limited to:

1. Insulting me or another commentor.
2. Denying the existence of God.
3. Insulting, mocking, or blaspheming Our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, or any Holy Men and Women of the Church.
4. Posting obscene or impure images or words on this blog.
5. Writing a comment about something completely unrelated to the post.
6. Linking to a video, article, etc. that I deem anti-Catholic or inappropriate.

Note: This policy is in place due to a few recent comments and is subject to change without notice.